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From Young Writer to Hitmaker

King.Kidd is known to pick and create music loved by everyone. Before there were hit hip-hop songs, King.Kidd started as a passionate young writer in Dallas. Read the rest of her story!


The Brand

“I'm a conscious poet that makes hip-hop music. I aim to entertain while educating and uplifting people. The King in my name represents my determination to be at the top, and Kidd represents my inner joy and authenticity.”

- King.Kidd


This is King.Kidd: 

The Story Behind the Brand

I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. I take the cue to write from my inspiration, Jill Scott, "I'm a write​r first, Artist second." I write poetry first and let the beat pick itself. My songs No Better Than on Royal Family and Conscious King on Conscious King EP capture my essence as an artist. I like to deal with raw emotions and unedited thoughts. Music to me is a feeling from the soul that needs to come out—a person's innermost dwellings.



Writing always came naturally to me. I started at the age of 7 with my first short story, extending to poems and screenplays. In middle school, I wrote my first novel, The Lexicon of Love. During those years of writing, music was not far behind with a special call on my life.

I became part of church choirs and had been the only 4th grader allowed in the 5th-grade choir at Sigler Elementary School. I began writing jingles for my favorite food items at school, and my classmates loved them!

“REAL MESSAGE, it's like we are so blinded by the hype of this world, we don't see the things that really matter..that's what I got from your song. Props deep message. You're grinding, I support that..hard work pays so don't stop #LOVE”

- Alex Fernando, a fan

It wasn't until November of 2006 that I began writing full-length songs. During prep for thanksgiving dinner, a friend of my aunt found an interest in my songwriting abilities, something raved by my mother. He tossed out topic after topic, timing for 5 minutes each. In an hour, I had about 15 different songs written. That's when I knew I had found my passion!

 Since launching my professional songwriting and artist career in 2015 I've performed in front of Matthew Knowles; been featured on New York Weekly,, American Pride Magazine, Forever with Pride, Featured on several mixtapes hosted by DJ Young Cee, A1, and DJ Johnny Rip. My star is on the rise opening up for Legends such as Paul Wall, Ying Yang Twins, Dorrough Music, Lardi B, and Lil Wil. My hit singles Glue, Temptation, Pretty Smile, and Gravity have been featured in independent films such as Indifferent Enchantment, and In Due Time written and directed by Dr. Samina Najmah. We Are Kingz, a single from album, Royal Family got a fire remix on EP Conscious King, by late Dallas producer Beatnerd Hub, featuring Dallas/Chicago artist Absolut, and New York artist Leo Lamar.

"The song speaks to my brothers and sisters around the world to not let their crown drop. It's time to wake up and be the change we wish to see. Michael Jackson said it best: It starts with The Man in the Mirror. My songs are my mirror, and as I write to better myself, I hope to better you too."

Conscious King was released on March 2021, featuring hit single and title track Conscious King featuring DJ Dogstyle.

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