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“I'm a conscious poet that makes hip-hop music. I aim to entertain while educating and uplifting people. The King in my name represents my determination to be at the top, and Kidd represents my inner joy and authenticity.”

- King.Kidd

Daddy Issues; King.Kidd; DBProductions LLC; Music Access Inc
King.Kidd, Beatnerd Hub, Only Human, Music Access Inc, DBProductions LLC
Yung Bala on da beat; King.Kidd; Garshar; Empire; Music Access Inc
King.Kidd; Garshar; W8OTW; Music Access Inc; Marvel
King.Kidd; Tatted Boo; Dee Herm Da Voice; Beatnerd Hub; DJ Tony Snow
King.Kidd; Beatnerd Hub; Conscious King EP
King.Kidd; Royal Family Album
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